Weekly Story Challenge (Volume One)



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A Photo Challenge Every Week To Help Empower You Into Your Best Life

Do you love photography and struggle with depression or anxiety? The Weekly Story Challenge is here to introduce you to the healing power of photography through The One Project’s simple therapeutic photography techniques.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • basic therapeutic photography techniques I used to overcome severe depression and anxiety
  • 3 types of photos you can use to make it easier to talk about these issues
  • 52 challenges you can start using now to change the direction of your life
  • so much more…

The Depression Workbook For Those Who Love Taking Photos

Do you feel stuck searching for a depression workbook that has a solid self-directed process that you can use? I get it. Most of the tools out there are full of fluffy questions and content that doesn’t dig deep or speak to the reality of the struggles.

That’s why I built the Weekly Story Challenge.

So that you had a simple system you can use to start overcoming depression and anxiety that you actually enjoy doing by tapping into the healing power of photography.

Use Creative Writing Exercises To Overcome Depression and Anxiety

We pair a photo challenge every week with creative writing exercises to prompt you into introspection and self reflection. Through the stories that you create, you will begin to better express, understand and eventually overcome depression and anxiety towards your most authentic self.

Get Support And Connect With A Community That Understands

While it’s nice to have a depression workbook full of creative writing exercises and a photo challenge here or there — we’re all really looking for connection in the end.

That’s why we encourage you to share your stories in our private online platform of people who are affected by depression and anxiety in some way.

Get support, connect with the community and give back through feedback and support of your own to build connections and become part of a community that is changing the way we see and talk about depression and anxiety.

This is your call to growth. Time to take action and turn the page.