Created By
Kearston Hawkins-Johnson


  • Loneliness
  • Isolation
  • Pandemic
  • 6 photographic stories

Roller Coaster

We’ve been programmed to numb ourselves. Isolation can bring out a lot that we’ve held in.

When creating this series, I thought of the many emotions I’ve went through while living alone during a pandemic. I didn’t feel human or real. I’ve seen the worst of myself at times.

With the help of my therapist and the self-compassion within, I’ve clawed my way out of the depths to learn how I can survive. To dig out of the dark abyss, I’ve had to acknowledge the things that make me feel human and what makes me feel alive. And one of the discoveries: emotions. The up and down of it all. It reminds me that I am not one thing. But a complex, multifaceted human being, despite the one side I choose to show to protect myself. This series is a reminder to me and others that there is beauty in the mess we try to hide away.

1) Glance

2) Peeled eyes

3) Screaming

4) Sitting

5) Stressed

6) Laughing

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