10 ways that you can help make an impact with us

Everything we do is built with and by our community thanks to the voices and support of passionate people like you who want to make a difference in mental health. First step is to sign up as a member of the community.
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? 1. Invite Your Friends
If you're already a member on our new app, you can become an ambassador and invite friends or people you know will benefit from our community.
? 2. Share Our Video
We have an announcement video that you can share on Facebook to help spread our mission and message with your community.
? 3. Share Your Story
Post your story on our community (and social media) of how therapeutic photography or The One Project has helped you and why it's important (tag us or include a link to our website).
? 4. Record A Video
Go live on Facebook or Instagram or you can record a quick video on your phone talking about #WorldMentalHealthDay, your story or the healing power of photos.
? 5. We're on Product Hunt
If you're on Product Hunt (or are willing to make an account), you can hop over to share your opinion on our new app and community. We'd love to hear how it's helped you!
? 6. Let Your Groups Know
Are you part of any groups that you think would love us (ex. photography, startup, or mental health)? Share a message with a link to spread the word!
? 7. Make A Donation
Help support our mission to sponsor forever free memberships for those that cannot afford it and more opportunities for our community.
? 8. Retweet Our Mega Thread
Help boost the reach of our thread talking about the newest updates for The One Project and our mission moving forward. It's the pinned tweet at the top!
? 9. Send An Email To A Loved One
Use our email templates to help you craft a message to a loved one that you believe needs to become a part of our community and mission.
? 10. Watch and Share our TEDx Talk
Our founder, Bryce Evans, shares his story of How Photography Saved His Life and the origins of The One Project at TEDx back in 2015 already seen by over 30,000 people.