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About The One Project

What exactly is The One Project?

The One Project is building a new community and language around mental health by tapping into therapeutic photography techniques. We provide a private community and app that is a social network along with tribes, online courses and so much more. Help us change how we see and talk about depression, anxiety and mental health.

Who is this for? Do I need to suffer from depression or anxiety?


We’re not trying to be everything for everybody, but the reality is that everyone will either struggle with depression or anxiety at one point or know someone who does.

Our community is made up of people who are suffering from these issues, advocates or those who have overcome them in the past, and friends or family members that want to support or learn more about how they can support their loved ones. We also have many mental health professionals or people working within the health industries who participate in the community and learn from our techniques.

All are welcome and we work hard to provide a safe and welcoming community!

What is Therapeutic Photography?

Therapeutic photography involves taking, analyzing and using photos for the purpose of personal healing, growth, or understanding, whether done consciously or unconsciously. By actively constructing, analyzing and reflecting on photographs, you are able to learn more about yourself and how you see the world.

People are using therapeutic photography techniques to help themselves and others overcome depression, anxiety, chronic pain and much more.

Learn more about therapeutic photography

How did The One Project start?

It started with Bryce’s story, creating his own set of techniques to express, understand and eventually overcome severe depression and anxiety. As the project evolved, it became clear that more people could benefit from these photography and storytelling techniques and that alternative outlets were needed to help develop the conversation and our understanding of mental health. With no central location or hub connecting all of these stories, The One Project’s online platform was established to help teach therapeutic photography, educate people on the techniques through online courses and connect you with others who understand what you’re going through.

You can watch Bryce’s TEDx talk to learn more about his story and the origins of The One Project.

Is The One Project a registered charity?

The One Project is a social enterprise registered under The One Project Education Inc. and while we often partner with mental health charities and organizations, we plan to create a charitable arm in the future to help expand our impact.

What does my money go towards if I sign up or donate?

We strongly believe in allowing access to everyone at The One Project. But it takes hundreds of hours a month and thousands of dollars to sustain. In order to provide you with the best media, tools, and online platform, we rely on the generous support of members like you through donations, as well as selling additional products and services.

All money contributed through our memberships and one-time donations goes towards covering our operating expenses and development costs for new features, tools and resources (the majority of which is free for everyone). If you can afford to contribute, and find value in what we do, we greatly appreciate your generosity.

If not, we believe strongly that value is not just financial and hope you will help support The One Project in other ways (ex. referring friends, contributing stories and being an active member of the community).

Is it available in my country?

Yes! We are proudly a global, open and welcoming community with members in over 100 countries.

What is your 'Forever Free Policy'?

We do not turn anyone away due to financial barriers

Anyone experiencing financial difficulties is able to earn forever free access that is funded through our memberships. We realize that mental health challenges are often linked or exacerbated by financial struggles and do not exclude anyone.

We use the honour system, please only request this if it’s truly a need.

Therapeutic Photography Techniques

Do I need to have photography experience or skills?

No! It’s about the act of taking photos and using it as non-verbal communication, not the technical or artistic aspects of photography.

Do I need a fancy camera?

No, the techniques that we teach have nothing to do with the equipment or camera you have. You can use a mobile phone, DSLR, film or point-and-shoot camera, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have the ability to upload your photos digitally, you’re good.

What do you mean when you say 'story'?

A story consists of 3 simple elements: a photo, title and creative writing (usually around 3 to 5 sentences long).

While this is our standard when teaching and discussing our techniques, we want to allow creative freedom to those who may want to write much more for their stories.

Your stories do not need to be very personal or explicit with details about you or your life, they can start out simple (and purposely vague). It’s up to you and what you’re comfortable with. Also, your photos do not need to be technically accurate, beautiful or taken with a fancy camera. It’s about using photos as a way of communicating, not as art.

The most important part is that you take that first step and just start. We are a supportive community and you will not be judged.

You can learn more in our courses

Managing Your Account

Do I need to provide my name?

When creating an account for our private online community, you will need to provide a name. If you’d prefer, you do not have to provide your given name in either of them for more privacy when sharing your stories.

Our entire community is private and only accessible by members.

I'm having trouble logging in!

First, try using our “Forgot Password” option to recover your account.

If you’re still having trouble accessing your account, please email us at support@theoneproject.co and we’ll help you out.

What if I haven't told anyone about this and I'm worried about my privacy?

Our mission is to help you — those who are suffering in silence and can’t find the words to start speaking up to get support. We know how difficult it is and that’s what we’ll help you with by using photography and these techniques.

Everything on our online platform and courses is private, yours, and available to members only. By default, no one can access anything you share on our platform without being an active member that is logged in.

You also have the choice to create a username, rather than using your name to further protect your identity.

We never share any content unless first getting your express permission to do so, as your privacy and safety is our number one concern. ❤

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