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of mental health together

Join our global community of passionate members who courageously share their stories to reduce stigma, help others feel less alone and build a library of insights and experiences that shape a new vision for mental health.

Your involvement matters, at every stage

The journey with your mental health isn’t simple and it’s always changing. This is the cycle for you to take steps that help yourself, our mission and the community no matter where you’re at currently. If you’re struggling, reach out and share to ask for advice or just get support. In a good space? Support others and share the insights that helped you get there!

Give support, lead the way

When you're in a good space, it's important to give back and support other members who are struggling

Share your insights

Give back to the community by sharing your insights that you've gained and inspire other members.

When you’re struggling

Share stories privately, just let it out, get support and encouragement

Build a project and vision

Build your One Project to gain powerful personal insights and have a creative goal to work towards.

You’re not alone

Share your experiences to see you're not alone and help everyone understand mental health better.

Get inspiration and insights

See others persevering, ask for advice, learn from others' insights


Ensuring everyone feels safe and supported, with no judgement

We're a small and mighty team that uses mindful automations, community guidelines, and tools to help empower our members so we can focus on what we do best as humans to create a caring and supportive community where each story gets a thoughtful response. Every story is private by default and we only ever share them publicly or feature stories with your express permission. Many members have expressed it is the most comfortable they've felt discussing mental health.


Total Paid To Featured Members

For any partnerships that include payment and involve stories or involvement from members, we pay all contributors fairly and only feature or use your stories with your express permission. Stats updated as of Nov. 2019

Benefits of Membership

There are tons of perks and exciting opportunities for members of The One Project no matter what stage you're at with your mental health (Photo by member Majo Hernández).

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Please only get free access if you cannot afford it, we rely on contributions of paying members to keep us sustainable, improve our mental health apps and grow our impact.


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New Member FAQs

What is your Forever Free Policy?

We do not turn anyone away due to financial barriers

Anyone experiencing financial difficulties is able to earn forever free access that is funded through our memberships. We realize that mental health challenges are often linked or exacerbated by financial struggles and do not exclude anyone.

We use the honour system, please only request this if it’s truly a need.

There is no free trial or limit, it is forever free. You can also contact us to upgrade anytime or make one-time donations.

What does my money go towards if I sign up or donate?

We strongly believe in allowing access to everyone at The One Project. But it takes hundreds of hours a month and thousands of dollars to sustain our community and systems. In order to provide you with the best media, tools, and mental health apps, we rely on the generous support of members like you through paid membership, donations, partnerships, as well as selling additional products and services.

All money contributed through our memberships and one-time donations goes towards covering our operating expenses and development costs for new features, tools and resources (the majority of which is free for everyone). If you can afford to contribute, and find value in what we do, we greatly appreciate your generosity.

If not, we believe strongly that value is not just financial and hope you will help support The One Project in other ways (ex. referring friends, contributing stories and being an active member of the community).

Do I need to provide or share my name?

When creating an account for our private online community, you will need to provide a name. 

If you’d prefer, you do not have to provide your given name in either of the First or Last Name fields for more privacy when sharing your stories. We have some members that choose to use screen names or simply initials.

Do I need to share my location?

No, our system automatically detects your location to help you find and connect with members in your area. This can easily be turned off and have your location removed in your profile.

How to remove your location from your profile

  1. First click on your profile photo and then “View Profile”.
  2. When your profile opens, click on the “Edit” button at the top right.
  3. Scroll down to the “Location” field and delete all of the text and then click “Save”.

Do I need to be a photographer or have a fancy camera?

Do I need to have photography experience or skills?

No! It’s about the act of taking photos and using it as non-verbal communication, not the technical or artistic aspects of photography.

Do I need a fancy camera?

No, the techniques that we teach have nothing to do with the equipment or camera you have. You can use a mobile phone, DSLR, film or point-and-shoot camera, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have the ability to upload your photos digitally, you’re good.

Who can see my profile and stories?

Our community is private and only accessible to members. Anyone without an account or that’s not logged in cannot access or see stories and content that’s within the community.

Private community accessible to members only

When you set up your profile and tell a story at any time, everything is private by default within our community.

The only time that we have information shared publicly is when we feature stories.

⚠️We only do this with express permission from the author!

We work hard to create a safe and caring community where you can connect, express yourself, learn and grow. ❤️

We’re here for you along the way!

Start your journey now and join our mission for mental health