Self portrait of man's face that's been edited with one side of his face stretched out on each side of the photo and a map-like graphic overlaid on his face

I was working earlier today on another project, acrylic paint on canvas, and things were not going the way I wanted. The more I tried to make my painting the way I wanted it to look, the more I felt disgusted by it. I figured it was a good opportunity to let my deep seated feelings of anger be expressed. So I slashed the painting and burnt it. Nothing came out of it. I wanted to throw it away as far as I could. It brought to my mind a picture of a failed restoration of a fresco ( For me laughter is a sure cure (momentary) to my anger. Later in the afternoon, I continued my work on the picture I’m sharing with you here. I’ve been trying to combine different techniques and ideas. After a few hours of works I felt quite satisfied with the result. It’s not exactly what I had in mind, what I was aiming for, but it’s definitely interesting. Highs and lows.


— Daniel Robinson



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