Sometimes this broken heart feels like it will never heal. It gets in my way of feeling happy and fulfilled. It makes goals and dreams feel numb and unattainable. Broken into pieces. I long to feel free from chaos and confusion. My pain endured from child sexual abuse is real. It follows me through adulthood. It often can’t be seen from the outside. But, it’s there. In my heart.
This photo was inspired by Katy Perry’s song, Rise. Also, my need to make lemonade out of lemons. I bought this mirror to take a victorious photo and well….it broke. I was sad, frustrated and pissed. But, I decided it wasn’t going in the trash. I was going to use it for something good.


— Melanie Hood



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The One Project is a community of passionate creatives, advocates and caring friends or family members working to support each other and change the conversation around issues like depression and anxiety with the therapeutic power of photography.

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