Hey you.

Yes, you. The one behind the screen. Snap out of the trance. Take your hands off the keyboard for a moment. Hold your breath for a second. Realize that your lungs are filling up with air again. Look at your hands. Notice how many lines and stories there are in them, have you payed attention lately?

Close your eyes. Realize that you are not your job, your relationship, your friends, your bank account, your parent’s expectations, your children’s behavior. Who are you? Ask it to yourself as if it was on third person. Look at yourself in the eyes, look at your holy self as if there was a mirror with no barrier. What do you see? who do you see? how amazing it is that you are alive here and now? How full of possibilities and opportunities. Give your holy self a long awaited calm hug, know that you are loved by an endless force that cannot be constrained by names or beliefs, and you belong.

You are pure and divine and even when the demons come and tell you the opposite, even when they whisper to your ears the most horrific things that you might even dare to believe about yourself sometimes, know that you are sacred and infinite.

Know that you are enough and more than that. #NoteToSelf


— Mariana



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