Like many people, I deal with episodes of anxiety and depression. Some episodes are minor while others are paralyzing. It’s not until the last few years I’ve learned to deal with both in more positive ways.One of those ways is through photography. It gives me a creative outlet that I love, but also helps me get my mind off things and keep my anxiety/depression in check.

I’m saying all this because I believe it’s important to speak out about mental health.

Everyone internalizes and deals with their battles in different ways.

If you are going through your own experiences, find something that you can channel your energy into. Also, speak up, talk to a professional, chat with your friends and family. Don’t ignore anything.

No one is alone. And there is always someone or something around that can help.

PS – This is the start of a side project I am working on centered around mental health. More details to come soon. ✌

Photo context – Like the Iditarod, I’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights. I was lucky enough to do both this trip. Alaska you are too incredible.


— Robert Surrency



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The One Project is a community of passionate creatives, advocates and caring friends or family members working to support each other and change the conversation around mental health issues like depression, anxiety and more with therapeutic photography.

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