Month In Review: January 2019

By February 28, 2019Announcements


Welcome to our first ever announcement and update! 🎉 This is where we’ll help keep you informed about what’s happening with the community and our social enterprise from a ‘big picture’ perspective 😉

I’ll be doing a month in review series in our announcements (like this one), along with major upgrades, partnerships and other updates to keep you in the loop.

I hope that this brings better transparency and community engagement for us in our new system, so you can provide more frequent feedback and we continue making big steps in our mission together 🙌



Important Updates


🌎 We now have bulk pricing options for any photography classes or groups, organizations, or any other group of people interested in joining The One Project!

Are you a part of any or know of groups that may be interested?

✅ Please send them this link and form to request special bulk pricing.



Member Opportunities


🎉 Congrats to TracyAshleyBenjamin and Jenni for having their stories featured for our latest member opportunity in a digital and print magazine for Generali.

Each member was paid $50 for their contribution and received a printed copy.

See the full project here



Impact Stats

As of January 31st, 2019, for our new system only

❤️ Total members = 255

💬 Stories told = 405

🌎 Countries covered = 41




Member Love

Awesome alive community about mental health. Felt welcome the first second I joined. Feel like home. Brought me so much, learn so much everyday and feel myself useful by feeling able to give it back to the community. Thanks the one project. One love. One project. — Lucas Pham  (thank you 👏)




Have feedback for us? Want to see other information here? Have any questions? 😄


Comment below! 👇👇👇 We’re building this together and I need your help! ❤️

p.s. I’m playing catch up with the launch of these, so February will obviously be following closely with more updates and announcements 😉

— Bryce Evans


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