Believing in ourselves

This scene to me resembles one of the last parts of a film that shook my world. In it, a dying man sees himself as a kid in front of a beach, speaking about his big dreams and all the grand things he will do in the world with all the time he’s got ahead. The movie evidently shows you that he has not even come close to any of these things and he is remembering this on his death bed. I bawl my eyes out at it, because, isn’t that the biggest fear and a gigantic source of anxiety? that we will come to the end not having done and tried and experimenting all the things we dreamed of. Why do we ever stop aiming high? why do we ever stop believing in ourselves, in or ability to make a change, achieve the life of our dreams? If only we can put ourselves in the mindset of our children selves, brand new to the world, without ever having anyone say to you that you’re not capable of achieving your goals, without believing the threat of the world being too hard for your kind soul, without the bullying that scarred your psyche and made you feel worthless and untalented, if only at least for a day you might be able to conquer the world, or even better, yourself.


— Mariana



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