Alleyways at night

By April 1, 2016Advice, Anxiety

I took this photo on my latest night walk with someone special. Ive always loved the asthetic of the alleyways at night and these walks have always been special to us. This photo however captures a very specific anxiety of mine. For much of my life I’ve struggled with feelings of inadequacy. It was hard to develop relationships because i wouldn’t feel worthy or capable. And many of my friendships i felt i was holding on to something thin. Like any moment i would do something annoying and it would fall apart and I’d lose friends and be alone. It was a long struggle but over time i pushed myself to be more open. To test how vulnerable i could be and still keep my friends and the beauty was that by opening up and being vulnerable those friendships became stronger and i in turn felt validated and gained confidence. It is sometimes still a struggle. I’m not great with strangers. But pushing yourself through the difficult times will help you gain strength. Exercise your mental strength.


—Topher Andrew Graham



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