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Our Company Values

Holistic Health & Authentic Self

We believe in proactive, natural methods of achieving personal wellness. Health is holistic — the body, mind and spirit are connected and systems of tools are needed to maintain proper health along with living in alignment with your true, authentic self.

Purpose Over Profit

We believe in listening to the ‘inner voice’ — finding meaning in the work you do — and putting purpose first. The One Project has been carefully crafted as an organization over 5 years to allow us to maximize our impact, while also allowing no barriers to access. We will utilize our growth as a way to give back further to communities in need.

Free, Creative Expression

We believe in open creative expression as a means of communication and connection — and the importance of having a safe space free from judgment to express your thoughts, feelings and stories.

Be Open To Yourself & Others

We believe in finding answers within, through introspection, and the power of sharing insights with others openly, honestly and with the intention of helping. Through sharing our vulnerable, genuine humanity we are inviting and allowing others to do the same — becoming our authentic selves.

We strive to maintain an open conversation with our members by being transparent about our intentions, activities, and direction.

4 Stages Of Our Grand Vision

* One mock-up possibility for mobile app


Develop strong community and establish sustainability

With a strategic model to provide accessibility to everyone in need, while allowing us to grow, improve and maintain high-quality services.

Create brand new system

To improve the experience, use, and education of therapeutic photography with new web and mobile apps.

Grow our community and become the main online hub

For people suffering from depression and anxiety with over 100 million active users.

Establish strategic partnerships with mental health organizations, professionals and researchers

For direct access to professional services, while crowdsourcing data for research (with your permission) to help change how we see and talk about depression and anxiety.

Built By Our Community

Stay Private Or Amplify Your Voice



Change How We See And Talk About Depression and Anxiety


We’re building The One Project together and we will be honest and transparent about our process and journey with you. This is our grand plan in four main stages to build an empowering community for people suffering from depression and anxiety, disrupt the mental health sector and teach the world the healing power of therapeutic photography.

Since 2010

Our Impact ?

We’ve already been able to reach and help over one million people with our stories, videos, exhibitions and so much more.




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Countries Around The World

Words From Our Members ?

I suffer from depression. Until now, I've never said that out loud. I have spent years and years trying to hide from the stigma that comes with being depressed, too embarrassed to ask for help and too anxious to feel like anyone would listen. I don't know when the exact moment was, but I was flipping through The One Project website and it hit me like a train. I don't have to feel this way. And I don't have to do this alone.

Molly Mitchell

Photography has been one of the best things I have ever done for my mental health. It helped me get through the empty nest syndrome, the passing of my Mother and also has helped me process and make sense of past childhood trauma. It’s a tool widely overlooked that deserves more awareness.

Melanie Hood

I am one of the earliest pioneers of the techniques of “PhotoTherapy” and “Therapeutic Photography” (using personal photographs and photo-taking as tools to improve therapy process, increase personal well-being, or create positive social change). Photography can be a very powerful means of confronting problems and providing a way to overcome and survive them. Bryce Evans has started a vital conversation, using photography as his language for activating that dialogue.

Judy WeiserR.Psych., A.T.R., Founder/Director of the PhotoTherapy Centre

I don’t feel alone anymore. I feel free and finally have the support I need to move on and recover.

Member of The One ProjectChose To Stay Anonymous

After posting my first story, I was blown away by the immediate support from the community and Bryce himself. It just quickly felt like a safe environment to share emotions and feelings. During the course, I learned more about the power of photography and learned new ways to express myself through my photographs. I feel that now I am really able to use photographs as a therapeutic tool.

Maria Cooks

I was particularly inspired by Bryce Evans’ recommendation, “If you find yourself in darkness, the first thing to do is find and start capturing the light.” Since that time, I have conscientiously tried to Seek, Capture and Share light and goodness by photographing and sharing positive, uplifting and enlightening images... As I do so, I find my own spirit is enlightened and lifted upwards from oppressive darkness into glorious light. Thank you to The One Project for being such a positive influence in my life.

Mark Dixon

When I "use" the One Project, I feel happy and comfortable.


The encouragement to share my struggles and stories.

Brenden Zapotichny

This led me to make interesting discoveries about myself and I really experienced how healing photography can be... the added element of attaching a short written “story” to one’s photographs increases the learning and healing that can take place.

Stephanie Blumensaat

A direct benefit is seeing others overcome their challenges and feeling hope and support for my own.

Kelly Milne

[It's a] Chance to engage with other creatives who have gone through difficult situations.

Jesse DeLisle

It pushes me to gather my thoughts and write them down. Being able to connect them with my photography and get feedback is priceless.

Member of The One ProjectChose To Stay Anonymous

It's made [me] realize that photography is a form of therapy, it makes me happy, and it's inspired me to utilize this. When I'm feeling anxious or depressed I go out and take photos, and force myself to get into nature. It always makes me feel better.

Member of The One ProjectChose To Stay Anonymous

I see it as a new way to see things, and I think one of my favorite ideas is that people can sometimes capture things in photos that resonate with them for reasons they don't understand until later.

Member of The One ProjectChose To Stay Anonymous

Have met new and awesome people. I've also been more aware of the idea to use photos as a means of dealing with personal issues.

Member of The One ProjectChose To Stay Anonymous

I value phototherapy and therapeutic photography greatly because I use it in my own life and with clients; I love having an alternative method of expression and sharing that.

Member of The One ProjectChose To Stay Anonymous

Involvement in an invested cause [with The One Project] and community contributes to empathy and also connectedness.

Member of The One ProjectChose To Stay Anonymous

It's got me back into taking pictures, given me a pleasure back that I had forgotten about, which has helped to fight depression. I also think it reminds me that I'm not alone in my struggle.

Member of The One ProjectChose To Stay Anonymous

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